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Learn Basic Organic Chemistry Online

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This video tutorial will help you to learn organic chemistry fast online. If you need to review basic concepts in one night for a semester exam or midterm, you came to the right place. This video will help you to succeed in studying for your next organic chemistry test.

Here is a list of topics covered in this video:
1. Hybridization - s, sp, sp2, sp3
2. Bond Angle, Molecular Geometry, Sigma & Pi Bonds
3. Formal Charge, Carbocation, Carbanion, and Radical Stability
4. Alkenes - E / Z Isomers
5. Functional Groups & Nomenclature
6. Boiling Point, Water Solubility & Intermolecular Forces
7. Ionic Bonds, Hydrogen Bonds, Dipole Interactions & London Dispersion / Van Der Waal Forces
8. Acids and Bases, Pka, Acidity - Size, Electronegativity, S-Character, & Resonance Stabilization of the Conjugate Base
9. Resonance Structures - Major & Minor Contributor
10. How To Name Bicyclic Compounds
11. Dipole Moment, Polar and Nonpolar Compounds
12. Newman Projections - Staggered vs Eclipsed - Gauche & Anti Conformations - Steric & Torsional Strain - Energy Diagram (Minima & Maxima) vs Dihedral Angle
13. Cycloalkanes - Ring Strain + Chair Conformaiton of Cyclohexane - Axial & Equatorial Substituents - 1,3 diaxial Strain
14. How To Draw The Most Stable Chair Conformation
15. Radical Reactions - Initiation, Propagation, & Termination Steps - Bromination vs Monochlorination - Product Ratios & Percent Yield
16. Energy Diagrams - Br2 vs Cl2 - Selective vs Nonselective
17. Homolytic vs Heterolytic Bond Cleavage
18. How To Determine The Number of Monochlorinated Products
19. Stereochemistry - R & S Configuration - Fischer & Newman Projections
20. Enantiomers, Diastereomers, Meso Compounds, and Constitutional Isomers
21. Enantiomeric Excess & Optical Activity
22. Chiral Carbons & Number of Stereoisomers

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