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Chemical Reactions :CBSE Class 10 X Science (Chemistry)

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This is the video of class 10 Chemical Reactions.

Topics covered in this video are as follows :
Recalling Basics- Elements, Compounds, Ions- Formation of Compounds, Chemical Reaction - Common Observations in Che. Rx, Chemical Equation, Balancing, Making Chemical Reaction More informative- Indicating states, Exothermic and Endothermic, Conditions of reaction, Oxidation and Reduction, armful effection of Oxidation- Corrosion, Rancidity, Types of Reactions- Combination, Decomposition, Displacement, Double Displacement, Experiments- Formation of slaked lime (combination), Decomposition of ferrous sulphate, Decomposition of lead nitrate, A double displacement reaction, Decomposition of Silver chloride and bromide, A displacement reaction, A combination reaction, Decomposition of Water, chemical reactions class 10.

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