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What Could I Do With a Biology Degree?

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Is it worth it to go for a bachelors degree in Biology? What kind of jobs can you get with it?

I have been in the divison of undergrad studies for two years, I need to pick a major.

What are you leaning towards, other than the door?

Well I am considering Biology. What can you do with a biology degree?

well, a lot of people who have biology degrees go on to become doctors.

Doctor, yeah I am a budding gynecologist ha ha.

Yeah, just joking I have considered that...

Of course, you can also become a researcher of some type. You could also be a Wildlife Biologist or a Zoologist.

Biology is a really versatile degree. There is also teaching of course.

Yeah, I know that it is. I think it might be the degree for me...Dr. Ray the gynecologist ha ha.

Yeah, well there is working in a lab of course. Most of the good jobs require advanced training though.

More school is not that exciting.

Yeah, but think of the rewards Ray. You get a master's degree or doctorate in bio and you will be making big bucks.

Man, maybe I will just be a lab tech. Maybe after I recover from my bachelors degree I could go on for more school.

Well, take a few minutes to research careers before you definitely pick a major.

Biology is not going to be a simple degree to get. There is a lot of lab work, and a lot of science courses.

Well yeah, I took the first labs, they were hard.

Maybe I should study something simpler like becoming a shop teacher.

That is entirely up to you my friend.

I have to make some kind of decision though in the next few weeks.

Well, if you think you want Biology, talk to people in the Biology department.

Maybe if I visualize Dr. Ray Kraft OBGYN it will help.

Talk yourself into it hun?

I like Biology, but not so much work.

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