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SPEED OF LIGHT EXPLAINED | Physics documentary | Simulated reality docs

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Physics documentary about speed of light (light speed) and most important cosmological constant. Watch it if you want to understand simulation hypothesis theory and other physical theories like quantum mechanics. Is interstellar travel possible. Can we use Einsteins special relativity theory to explain time delation or faster than light prospects. Are we real or just a simulated reality. One of the best space documentary. Is posible to moving faster than the Speed of Light. Almost like the science of doctor who. In physics, redshift happens when light or other electromagnetic radiation from an object is increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum. as you're moving near the speed of light towards objects in front of you. In reality, we don't have to travel near the speed of light to experience the distortions caused by motion through time and space. They are with us every minute of the day. All of the distortions that happen as a result of a finite speed of light still happen on an everyday basis even in our everyday life but the effects are so tiny that we can't perceive them.

The universe, as a whole, was something of a blob at the beginning of its life, too. What we see of that time are the first light waves in history reaching us only now they flashed into existence. We see them in the picture of an afterglow from the Big Bang and they are known today as the cosmic microwave background radiation. The cosmic microwave background radiation.

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