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25 Biology Mysteries Humanity Has Not Figured Out Yet

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Biology mysteries exist all over the place. They can be as small in size as cancerous cells, or as large and imposing as the majestic blue whale. And even though science has been able to uncover many wonders of our world’s biological make up, it still has a long way to go. For example, we still haven’t deciphered Peto’s Paradox. Or pinpointed with certainty the origin of flowers or even the origin of the Ebola virus! That’s only scratching the surface, we still don’t know what the vast majority of our DNA does or how butterflies migrate exactly. Talk about a mess of biological mysteries! It’s a good thing our species is a curious species because we are currently working hard to uncover these mysteries, discoveries that could propel humanity into a new age of prosperity and health. Take the Ebola Virus for example, Canadian scientists have been able to successfully treat monkeys (though sadly, it’s a long way before such measures can be applied to humans). So if you want to know about some of the most unique biology mysteries in our planet, stick around as we share with you these 25 biology mysteries humanity has not figured out yet.

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Be sure to check out the physical list here: http://list25.com/25-biology-mysteries-humanity-has-not-figured-out-yet/

Butterfly Migration
The Loricifera Mystery
The Paradox of the Plankton
Ebola's origin and place of hiding
Homing (In Biology)
Hammerhead Shark’s Structure
Golgi Apparatus
Glycogen Body
Gall Wasp
Fairy Circle (Africa)
Evolution of Sex
The Function of DNA
The Whole Consciousness Thing
The History of Flowers
Peto’s Paradox
Blue Whale’s Sexual Life
The Cambrian Explosion
Korarchaeota metabolic processes
Basking Shark’s Reproduction Mechanism
Arthropod Head Problem
Biological Aging
The Origin of Life

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